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Lily Adams
14 March 2008 @ 11:05 pm
Let's go in chronological order, shall we?

I really have been feeling like sewing. So I did but it all turned out a mess and I spent ten hours on my hoodie and had to take out part of the decoration because I sewed it so badly. So now it just has spacey star pockets and a spudcollar. I guess I'm okay with that now but earlier this week I was absolutely furious. Furious at the fact that I really can't sew worth for beans no matter how hard I try and that I have a really cruddy sewing machine.

And then on Wednesday I was supposed to get the ends of my hair dyed electric green but the hairdresser cancelled at the last minute saying she had an emergency. Fair enough, but I was still upset. I had been looking forward to that for a while. We'll come back to this later...

Yesterday we had our last Knowledge Bowl competition and we got third place. "What's so bad about that?" you may be asking. Well, I would have been overjoyed had I actually been on a good team. It's not like they were bad at the actual playing, they knew a lot and all but they were just...MEANIE HEADS. Especially this one kid. He thinks he knows everything and would make fun of the other teams. They all did. All in all, I was basically ignored on that team like last year. I really felt like we didn't deserve it. I felt basically no pride because of the general scumminess of our team. This year and last year I saw other teams having so much fun and actually being a team, and it just made me feel left out. Always the ignored one. So I look pretty blaaahhhhh in the pictures they took of us.

Now back to my hair. We re-scheduled it for tonight and I went there and got it all done. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? She dyed it the wrong color!!! It's a blue-green and I said LIME GREEN. I KNEW they had it because they I saw the jar for it, but when she went to go get it, I said, "I think it's called Apple Green or something." and she mistook that for "Alpine Green" I guess. It's so irritating! $50 down the drain and it's the wrong thing! I am so mad. I didn't say anything because those types of people who complain like that and don't take it generally annoy me. I don't like being outwardly picky even if I really am on the inside. But I just gotta forget about it even though the color really doesn't go with anything I wear. There are far worse things in this world. This was my first time getting my hair dyed, too and I was really excited.

But now my hair looks and smells like a crayon and that's kinda interesting.
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Lily Adams
31 January 2007 @ 07:48 pm
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